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HCPC Registered Member

MA Integrative Psychotherapy (IAP). MSc Occupational Psychology. BSc Psychology

Welcome to my website. I am a qualified, experienced and friendly psychotherapist and counsellor, working from home in the Bournemouth & Poole area, a short walk from Branksome railway station. I work with individual adults of all ages.

I offer video as well as face to face sessions.

Why Come to Therapy?

People come to therapy for different reasons and since you’re reading this page then I imagine that you are thinking about how therapy can help you or help change some aspect of your life. I work with adults who bring a broad range of concerns and experiences to the therapy room.

People who come to therapy are often experiencing anxiety, depression, anger or difficult feelings that are simply overwhelming. People often need help with relationship issues or are struggling to relate to people. Stress at work frequently leads us to ask for help. I also work with people who have suffered loss or who are coming to terms with trauma. Trauma from our past often impacts our lives in the present, compromising our full potential and prevents us from moving forward. Therapy can reveal and strengthen our authentic self.

I support people from the LGBTQIA+ community and have worked as a psychotherapist/ counsellor in a registered charity for gay, trans and non-binary people bringing issues relating to their sexuality, gender identity, relationship status and sexual health.

Benefits of Therapy

Therapy is sometimes referred to as ‘the talking cure’ and clients are often surprised at how effective simply talking can be in bringing about lasting change. Talking to a qualified therapist who has been trained to listen and respond in a certain way can be profoundly insightful. Unspoken feelings and emotions can feel confusing and overwhelming until we speak about them with someone else. Having someone to hear and support us in our pain and grief can be profoundly healing. Feeling heard by someone who is truly listening can make us feel valued and alive.

Therapy cannot change the past but it can enable us to move forward with increased resilience, make us more aware of what we need from life and can provide us with a solid foundation for lasting change.


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